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Your home is your castle and should be lit as such. LED is the popular choice for commercial properties, but it is also the best option for residential outdoor lighting. As you enter this new electrical frontier, Professional Electric is here to help with the transition.

What is LED?

The acronym stands for light-emitting diode. The electrons inside the device allow for longer life, lower energy consumption, more concentrated brightness and a faster response time. What began as a small area that was ideal for digital clocks grew into flashlights and now large displays bright enough to light a stadium.

The light-emitting diode allows for 40% less power usage than a fluorescent bulb and nearly 80% less than a traditional incandescent bulb. This means they last significantly longer, which in turn means less production and fewer materials.

As more and more consumers have transitioned to LED, the carbon footprint has decreased. In 2017 these bulbs helped lower the carbon dioxide emission by half a billion tons.

Implementing for Residential Use

Thanks to how the option evolved, these light-emitting diodes seem like a very industrial option. This isn’t quite the haze we like to soften our homes. But as the option has continued to become an accepted alternative in our lives, the technology has grown as well. When choosing the best outdoor lighting for your residential property, LED has a vast selection that is sure to have the right fit for you and your family.

This option works well on residential properties for a number of reasons, the first being time saved.

With a life of over 100,000 hours (translating to roughly 30-40 years when burning at 12 hours a day) LED has become a generational option and takes away the interfering chore of having to check bulbs, much less change them.

In fact, there is little to no chore required with this option, as there is virtually no maintenance required on bulbs or fixtures when choosing LED. This all adds up to  savings of around $6K for each fixture. In a home with lighting around the entire space, those sorts of savings can mean tens of thousands of dollars.

During those rare occasions you do find yourself having to adjust the fixture or switch it out, the LED bulb stays at room/outside temperature, emitting little to no heat.

When you switch you’re saving the environment and in your wallet.

Then there are the practical applications. The concentrated lighting and fast response time make light-emitting diodes the perfect option for security lighting. Use the fixtures in vulnerable spots to keep your home safe. They are also the best choice in areas such as walkways and entrances.

LED can also help if you are lighting an outdoor party area. Even if you prefer some sort of soft market lights for overhead, a LED spot can still be implemented for safety reasons on the corners.

How Professional Electric Can Help

No matter the state of your residential property, Professional Electric has a team of experienced technicians for the job. We are prepared and equipped with installation in new construction. We are also experienced in updating existing fixtures or replacing your lighting entirely. We are versed in implementing security lighting as well. If the situation arises, Professional Electric is there to help with high tech troubleshooting and further upgrades.

LED is the future of lighting. Make the changes in your residential outdoor lighting now and you will see both immediate differences and long-term benefits. 



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