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Making the decision to install LED lighting in a new building seems like a no-brainer. The benefits of LED lighting make it far superior to other choices for so many reasons.

  • IT IS ENERGY EFFICIENT: Although LED bulbs are rated by the lumens of light output instead of the wattage of the bulb, the standard equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent only uses 10-watts. Although a 60-Watt bulb comparison is impressive, consider the wattage used in your commercial application, ranging from thousands to billions of watts, and you will start to see the savings involved. One sixth; think about that. That is an 83% reduction just in wattage used to light the lights.
  • IT IS MUCH COOLER: Since LED bulbs don’t give off heat, you will also see a savings in the cooling cost of your facility. The comfort factor can be expensive, but if you can reduce the heat given off in the building, you can lower the energy costs of cooling it back off.
  • LED’S ARE MORE DURABLE: Not only do they last longer, but they are hardier and seem to survive stress, vibration and even direct hits better than their incandescent or CFL counterparts.
  • IT REDUCES MAINTENANCE COSTS: Because quality LED bulbs last thousands of hours, you won’t be changing bulbs as often. Although one necessarily takes into account the cost of labor involved, you may also need to consider the cost of shutting down a machine or process in the area where you are changing bulbs. This expense, if necessary, is to be considered by the number of changes you would have with the other style of bulb. In other words, if you are only shutting down once every 50,000 hours instead of every 1,200 hours, you are saving a considerable amount of down time.
  • THERE IS NO HAZARDOUS WASTE TO DISPOSE OF: LED’s are environmentally friendly and are not made with hazardous products.
  • WHILE THE INITIAL COST IS HIGHER TO INSTALL LED’S, THE OVERALL COST COMPARISON SHOWS THAT A SAVINGS WILL BE REALIZED. Even estimating the cost of a 60-watt-equivalent bulb on the high end, at $35, and an incandescent at $1, when all of the factors are considered, it only costs $86 to run the LED for 50K hours, while the competition is a costly $352 for the same hours. It won’t take long to see the ROI with this decision.

If you are considering a retro-fit, it may be a bit harder decision. However, in many cases, not only are the savings realized, but the value of the building climbs when it has LED retro-fitted fixtures. When you put the design package together, remember Professional Electric for your electrical needs. Our skilled and highly-trained electricians are thorough and efficient and will work with precise craftsmanship and pride to see your project through to completion.

In business since 1997, our time in operation speaks volumes for the work we do and the people who do it. We offer free quotes, guaranteed satisfaction, unparalleled service, and competitive rates. Our team can do the work from design to flipping the switch. Give Professional Electric a call today!


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