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Tenant Repairs and Buildouts

Tenant Repairs and Buildouts

Isn’t it exciting to get your dreams and goals in order, and start putting them into action?

Whether you are building a storefront, office, factory, warehouse, church or any other type of building, you want to be sure that everything you do yourself or have done, is the best.

You have an architect, engineer, project manager and many tradesmen who will take the prints and make them a reality. It is a dance of sorts, as the various trades work separately and together to put everything together in the precise order necessary to finish. If this is your first project, prepare for an amazing process. There is an art and beauty to watching your build appear. The work of project management is synchronizing the various crafts so that when one is ready for part of the work, everything they need is done and waiting for them. As it progresses, it is a very fluid change, and you may be entertained by the process.

The electrical service is one of the most important parts of the project. Professional Electric would like to show you some of our other work we have done, so that you can be totally confident in your choice to use us as your electrical contractor. When you bring us into the project, you can rest assured that you have a premier company with highly skilled craftsmen who will be completing your work. Whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial job, we have the skills.

Since 1997, we have been building things in the Mobile and Baldwin County areas. We have a lot of experience with all types of electrical work and can take your dream from a thought projected on paper to a tangible asset.

We have sought out, continue to seek out and recruit the highest-level electricians in the area. We are proud of the crews we have assembled. We are pleased with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and when their goals match ours, it is a success. Each of them has a great working knowledge of the trade, and also areas of expertise which set our company apart.

From the temporary service to setting the transformers, running conduit, pulling wire, installing devices, check-out and start-up, we know how to make things happen smoothly. We can set up Wi-Fi, Ethernet, low voltage systems and any processes and controls needed for manufacturing, management or movement. There are other things to consider, too. If you have parking areas, you will want lighting and security. You may need offices, locker rooms, break rooms, kitchen or concession areas. In fact, we might make it look so easy that you will want to do it, too. That is a good thing. We want you to feel that you have a competent crew on your side.

No matter what you plan to build, if it has electrical service, we want your business. You can call us: Mobile, Alabama: (251) 473-5788 Baldwin County: (251) 929-8957.



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