Ways to Protect Your Curious Toddler from Electricity

July 12, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

Children are naturally curious and are unaware of the dangers of electricity. As their caregivers, we must take important safety measures to protect them from harm by teaching them early on about electrical safety. Here are some simple tips to keep your children safe from electrical dangers. Electrical Outlet Safety An electrical socket is such… Read more

Why Hire a Professional Electrician Over DIY

June 28, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

Do-it-yourself home maintenance has become wildly popular. With the popularity of television shows that make it look easy, many homeowners are opting to tackle home repair on their own. While this is a great idea in some areas, in the realm of electrical it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Today, Professional Electric gives… Read more

Ways to upgrade your home to a smart home

June 7, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

The world has been a more conscious place. Globally, we are more aware of our carbon footprint and energy efficiency. Even on a federal level, houses are now being held to a higher, safer, and greener standard. A smart home can accomplish all these things while providing you ease of access, peace of mind, and… Read more

Traveling abroad this summer? Make Sure You Know the Difference Between a Plug Adapter and a Converter

May 24, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

Traveling abroad is hugely popular in the summer. With the slower pace of work and school schedules, it makes perfect sense to have the itch of the travel bug during this season. There are many preparations for traveling outside of the US. Passport? Check. Foreign currency? Yep. Immunizations? You betcha. Converters and adapters for electronics?… Read more

Ways to Save On Your Electrical Bill this Summer

May 10, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

How much money do you tend to spend on your electricity bill during the summer months? Let’s be honest with ourselves here, are we being diligent and making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of energy you are using? Realistically, the main culprit in that high spiked electrical bill is due to the air… Read more

Save Money with Digital Timers

April 26, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

If you are looking for a way to save some money on your electricity bill, we have just the tip for you! If you haven’t heard the buzz about digital timers yet, it is time to catch you up. Digital timers are an elegant and simple way to save money and make your home energy… Read more

The 4 main types of light bulbs and differences for your home

April 11, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

Choosing the right light for your space is important. Certain light bulbs will set the exact mood you’re looking for while others can help you complete important projects. Here we gave some great ideas on outdoor lighting. Today, we’ll tackle the topic of indoor lighting. How do you choose? There are 4 main types of… Read more

Best Ways to Run Power Outside

March 21, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

There are a few ways to run your power outside for anything ranging from lights to a detached building outside your home. Below are some ways to tackle your project: Extension Cord One of the ways to run power outside is an extension cord. This is an inexpensive way to gain some quick power, however,… Read more

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2018

March 9, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

There’s not much that can liven up the outside of your house at night like lighting! There are many illuminating fixtures that are available now that can be easily installed. Plus, there is no expensive rewiring required for your home. Keep reading below for some outdoor lighting ideas that will have you catching the eye… Read more

Whole House Generator Installation Pre-Planning

February 22, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

Living along the Gulf Coast means homeowners have to constantly prepare for weather events. Half of the year is spent being on edge because a storm could hit during the long hurricane season and the other half is spent preparing. Part of that preparing is making sure your home can not only withstand a storm… Read more