How To Save Money on Your Electric Bill in The Winter From Professional Electric

February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

As the sun goes down on those long cold winter nights, up goes the thermostat to hold back the night chill. The colder months can be the most expensive time of the year for your family. With your children out of school for the holidays, large family gatherings, extravagant holiday lighting and decorations, cooking and… Read more

4 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed From Professional Electric

February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

We as consumers are becoming increasingly dependent each year on technology and it’s daily advancements. Our gadgets aid in everyday activities making tasks much simpler than they used to be. Each day technology is advancing, raising expectations alongside keeping consumers on their toes anticipating what will come out next. Although we may not always need… Read more


February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Per the National Fire Protection Agency, space heaters accounted for 56,000 fires between 2009 and 2013. This was 16% of the reported fires during this time, and there were 470 lives lost, 1490 injuries, and $1 Billion in property damage. These room-sized warmers fill a specific need, and are safe when used properly. With that… Read more


February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Extension cords can be a lifesaver for many of us. We all reach for them at one time or another. However, they also can be the mechanism for the delivery of a death sentence when used improperly. These helpful aides should be used wisely, monitored carefully, and disposed of quickly when necessary. Although there are… Read more


February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

According to ESFi, there are an estimated 51,000 electrical fires each year, with 500 deaths and 1400 injuries. Property damage is approximately $1.3 Billion. Power distribution (your home or business wiring) is involved in one third of these fires, and 5,300 fires involve a receptacle. Here are a few ideas to help you avoid becoming… Read more

4 Reasons Your Business Needs An Energy Audit From Professional Electric

February 18, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Every business owner has a responsibility to make money. It may be to support your family or maybe it is to keep the investors happy. An energy audit may seem like a mundane task, but the results could surprise you. Why should you have an inspection done? 1. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS. No one… Read more

Do I Need Special Equipment to Charge My Electric Car at Home?

February 8, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Electric cars are great for the environment. They can also be beneficial for your budget considering you’ll be purchasing far less fuel than you used to. If you have recently purchased an electric car, or are considering buying one, there’s a lot of terminologies that may be thrown your way making it puzzling to determine… Read more

What is a GFCI Outlet?

January 11, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

  Ground-fault circuit interrupter, also know as a GFCI, is the only protection device designed to protect people against electric shock from an electrical unit. In order for a GFCI to work, it needs to be installed properly or the device will fail. GFCI outlets help to protect electrical wiring and receptacles from overheating and… Read more

Space Heater Dos and Don’ts

December 13, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

As the colder weather sets in, many people are turning to their space heaters for that extra bit of warmth. While space heaters are great for convenience and comfort, many house fires are started every year due to misuse. If you use a space heater to heat your home, then it is necessary to follow… Read more

How To Dispose Of Electronics Responsibly

November 8, 2018 Professional Electric Blog 0

At some point or another, all electronics get replaced. Maybe you upgraded to a newer model, perhaps they just don’t get used anymore, or maybe they’ve quit working. No matter what your reason is for disposing of your electronics, they need to be disposed of properly. Electronics can be donated, recycled or traded-in. They should… Read more