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Customize Your Home with New Light Switches

January 3, 2020 Professional Electric Blog 0
Customize Your Home with New Light Switches

Light adds more than just brightness to your home. It helps power and elevate your space as quickly as flipping a switch. From LED bulbs that will help save you energy to a retrofit design or recess lighting, the choices are endless. Find out which fixtures are customizable for your home with a new light… Read more

Gift Guide for the Techie

December 6, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0
gift guide for that techie

Tis’ the season for giving the ultimate gift for the techie in your life this holiday season. Thanks to Professional Electric, we’ve got you covered on all the essential electrical needs for your techie this year. From lighting to heating, cooling or repairs, read about it here and give the gift of giving.   Automated… Read more

Things You Can Control with Your Google Home

October 4, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0
Things you can Control with Your Google Home

The little voice inside your head isn’t always enough to remind you of tasks to complete. We’re human. We forget things. Luckily, there are devices like Google Home that act as our personal assistant and can cater to our every need. Ah, the power of technology and voice command! Read and learn about some of… Read more

Emergency Plan For Your Electric

August 2, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

It’s always good to have an emergency plan in place, especially during hurricane season. Protecting your family and home is essential, but did you know your electrical system needs protection as well? During a storm, your home’s electrical wiring, devices and appliances could suffer serious damage in the event of a power surge. Find out… Read more

Can Smart Home Devices Save Me Money?

July 29, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

The new Smart Home wave has been urging people to purchase newer and more technologically sound devices for everyday use in their homes. Some are anxious to upgrade their home because it makes their house seem a lot cooler whenever guests visit. Others refuse to spend their hard-earned money on what they believe is an… Read more

What is the difference between AC and DC Power?

June 17, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Understanding the difference between AC and DC power is important for professionals and laymen alike. We want to keep you safe at home and work as well as shed a little light on power sources we all encounter every day. When you understand how these currents provide power to everything around us, it’s both fascinating… Read more

How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space This Spring!

May 10, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Does your patio seem unkempt? Garden got you down? Is your outdoor dining furniture looking dingy? Maybe it’s time to spruce your outdoor space! It’s easy to get your home ready for spring by following these handy ideas. Add LED Outdoor Lighting It’s true when they say good lighting really sets the mood. It can… Read more

3 Smart Home Devices that Can Save You Money

April 12, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Smart devices have certainly made our lives easier in many ways. This includes in our homes, too. Many people wonder “can smart home devices save money?” There are so many smart home devices that it is often tough to choose. Here are 3 smart devices that are worth looking into for saving cost to your… Read more

Checklist for New Homeowners to Inspect Outlets and Breakers

March 22, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time! Although the move in the process can seem overwhelming, there is so much to look forward to. Before moving in, it’s important to inspect the home thoroughly to ensure your home is safe and move in ready. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fret. Below… Read more

Should I Replace Two Prong Outlets?

March 1, 2019 Professional Electric Blog 0

Most older homes have two prong outlets instead of three. The third centered hole is called ground and works equivalent to the left neutral slot because they are connected. There is a reason why the third slot is now included in newer outlets. Forget about the rewiring or even worse, reversed polarity and read about… Read more